++ Shanghai/Seoul 11.22.2003-12.1.2003 ++

just a week long trip to shanghai then to seoul. super shopping spree. o_O my dates might be a day off , but that's ok. and I'm too lazy to make thumbnails… so numbers will have to do. you'll just have to look through ALL the pictures. ^_-

// 11.22.03 - 11.25.03 :: Shanghai //

left here Sunday afternoon and arrived in shanghai on Monday evening. Wei came to pick us up. He was dad and mom's tour guide in shanghai when they came last year with their friends. the first day was a visit to the temple of the jade buddha. they don't allow pictures of the jade buddha, but that thing was huge… in the other area of the temple, there's a picture of me pointing to coins standing up no their spines. it was weird. the one I'm pointing at is the point I put there! go me. ^_^ then we went shopping at an outdoor market area and we stopped in 2 department stores: Number One and New World. We also went to the Bund to see the TV tower from across the river.

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// 11.26.03 :: Suzhou //

we took the train from shanhai station to suzhou, Wei's hometown. we went to a place called Fisherman's Garden (Master of the Nets or something like that. I don't remember exactly). It was a beautiful place. very peaceful. interesting windows and the world's smallest bridge, Wei said. hehe. we went to a silk factory there and then we went to meet Wei's wife, Hong. She teaches at an elementary school in Suzhou. And we also met his daughter Wei Hong. She's really cute and just started learning English last year. I convinced Wei to let her grow out her hair b/c he said she wants long hair but he said she should focus on studies and not on her hair. but I told Wei it'd be nice to let her have at least shoulder length hair. so he said ok ^_^ The kids there were so cute. afterwards, we had to catch the train at 4:15 but all the taxis in the street were full so we had to take a rickshaw to the train station. it was kinda scary. >_< mom and I almost got crushed between a car and a bus. but it was still fun.

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// 11.26.03-11.28.03 :: Shanghai //

after suzhou, we got back to shanghai by train and went to a restaurant called Dynasty on a street full of restaurants. then on our last full day in Shanghai we did more shopping. Went to.. Oriental, Pacific, Gateway and all those on that block.. I cant rember the names. and the last picture is at the Shanghai Airport.

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// 11.29.03 - 12.1.03 :: Seoul //

only 2 days in Seoul. we stayed at the Hilton near NamDaeMun so we went shopping again. hehe. and we also went to Coex Mall, Hyundai department store, and Lotte department store. the department stores are a little pricey (1 skirt for $165 >_<) but NamDaeMun and Coex were fun ^_^ I had naeng myun! it was tasty. ^_^ we went with Kate to an unagi place near the river that divides North and South Korea. I could actually SEE North Korea.. just beyond the barbed wire. kinda scary. hehe. and I saw a bus with an ad for a Ragnarok Festival with a picture of Lee Hyori. I watched some korean and japanese and american shows on tv in the hotel. good stuff. ^_^

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