// Recent Pictures - Summer/Fall 2005 //

Some new and some not so new. Never got around to posting them. But now felt like a good time ^_^ The girls are growing up so fast.

// San Jose's Christmas in the Park - 12.04 //

I went to Christmas in the Park with Tina, Tom, Sarah, Katie, and Tony. it was freezing that night! brrr~

// Sarah & Katie in our backyard - 9.15.04 //

I was most likely babysitting the kids this day and they I love when the girls let me do their hair. The best part was that katie was completely open to me doing her hair. Even the first time I asked. What a cute girl. These kids are so photogenic.

// papa's car - 10.25.03 //

driving home from lunch with ba ngoai, papa, and shel. I got sarah to pose all popstar-like ^_^ hehehe.

// babies in mi's room - 8.20.03 //

pictures taken today on my bed ^_^ katie's growing up pretty fast and she's so cute. even if she is a little boyish. and sarah loves kissing katie

// old pictures that weren't posted 'til now - 4.2.03 //

so i've had these pictures on my computer for a while but i never posted them. so here are some for your viewing pleasure :D and i think i haven't updated sarah's webpage b/c it's extra work.. and .. i'm.. lazy >_<

// Kathryn Thanh-Thu - 2.19.03 //

my 4th niece :) these pictures were taken by tom and me on tom and tina's camera at the hospital.