// Cancun, Mexico - 06.21 - 28.03 //

we stayed at the royal islander this year and not the royal sands, but we went to visit. lots of pictures from random places. la isla, captain's cove, royal islander, royal sands, royal mayan, isabellas & the royal bandstand (sands), la veranda (sands). that wasn't all the places we went, but those are the pictures I decided to post. 30 out of 60+ pictures. I had to be selective ^_- the beach was white, water was cool, sand was soft, everything was just gorgeous. well except the last 3 days it rained on and off. and when we had to drive to the airport to go home, our taxi driver had to maneuver through/around pond-sized puddles in the road. it was literally raining buckets that day. but had lots of fun b/c I had T with me :D and my parents are so cute and funny. my mom wrestled that fish out of the water with her bare hands! (j/k :P) got a little sunburned but it went away after a day. overall, an awesome trip ^_^