// Early Christmas at Home : San Jose - 12.18.02 //

mom, dad and i are spending christmas day up until the 28th in idaho this year. and mom left today (sunday 21nd) for idaho. and tina and tom are spending christmas in vegas. so we had an early christmas this year. ^_^ heh. mom and i are arleady modeling our new clothes .. and oliver likes boxes.. and wrapping paper...=^o.o^=

// Christmas in Idaho: Nampa - 12.25-28.03 //

Mom left for Idaho first and dad and I arrived on the 25th, Christmas Day. Kako, Yuki, Moe, Mika, Grandma & Grandpa Graviet came over to visit. All the girls let me do their hair. hehe. so i was the hair stylist for the day. Danny's growing up so fas and he smiles all the time. ^_^ Andrew LOVES his camo clothes. I finally know who Mahana is, thanks Scott. We watched a few 007 movies. The new house is so nice and comfortable. Thanks for lending me your bed, Hailey. Christine made Christmas dinner: prime rib, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and bread rolls. :D Texas Road House is pretty yummy too.
[ large pictures ] :: here all of the pictures below still in 1024x768 res. for printing purposes :D (in .zip format - 18Mb)
[ bayhill house ] :: pictures of christine and scott's new house in Nampa. (1024x768)
[ digicam videos ] :: i took a couple of low quality videos with my digicam. ^_^