// SJAM - Paso Doble In The Park - Memorial Park 06.09.2007 //

Started at 11. Began a Paso Doble lesson in the park taught by Bobby at 11:30am. Lots of food. Some volleyball. Some cuban motion. Some dogs (yay Rusty and Ben!). The weather was perfect so we were lucky. A beautiful day to be at the park.

Photos taken by: Dustin on Sas's camera, Larry Naes, & Bobby

// SJAM Joins Redwood City AM for a Hornblower Cruise around the SF bay - 06.06.2007 //

I'm so glad I went on this outing with the studio. First we started by meeting at the studio and took a ride in a pimpin' limo bus up to pier 3 to meet up with the Redwood City studio at the ship. After a handful drinks, a lot of dancing, and a few hours cruise around the bay, we returned home safely. Here's a link to my LJ entry I already wrote about this event.

Photos taken by: Dustin on Kim's camera

// SJAM Spring Medal Ball - 05.18.2007 //

Our guest judge was Michael Mitsui. I danced a waltz with him and I felt so bad because he's so light and moves around like a feather. It made me feel like an iron shot. Salsa was chosen as my honor dance and I had to wait until the end of the evening because it was the last on the program. I brought mom with me. I wanted her to see what I can do and I also wanted her to meet the wonderful people I know from the dance studio.

Photos taken by: Mom

// San Jose Arthur Murray Area Showcase @ Foster City Crowne Plaza Hotel - 03/04/2007 //

What a crazy day this was. Teresa, Amy and I met up at 7am and drove up to Foster City. We got there at 8 and registered at 8:15. Freestyles and Routines ran from 8:30am-5pm. Amy did her cha-cha solo with David. Jason did his lindy routine with Jamie. I did my cha-cha routine with Dustin in the late afternoon. By the end of the day, we were beat. But we stayed and had a tasty dinner. Dustin lent me his jacket b/c I was cold - isn't that sweet? And the finale was all of the studios doing their staff formations and then Nick and Elena Kosovich performing some incredible smooth routines. All of the soloists got plaques for performing their routines. It was a great day, but so tiring.

Photos taken by: Jason & Angela on Jason's Camera

// San Jose Arthur Murray In-House Showcase - 2/16/2007 //

This event was a blast. I was so happy to watch everyone doing their routines. Amy was able to attend part of the showcase just to see me and Teresa dance. That was really sweet of her. Jason brought Steve. Angela, Sparkle, Liz, Julie, and Louise all made it and they sat near me. I had to videotape most of the show, but it was still a thrill to watch.

In House Showcase 2/16/07 In House Showcase 2/16/07 In House Showcase 2/16/07 In House Showcase 2/16/07 In House Showcase 2/16/07 IMG_0062

// Dancing With The Stars Tour at the San Jose Arena - 12/27/2006 //

I got selected to dance in a pre-show competition for the Dancing with the Stars Tour show when it came through San Jose.
Here's my livejournal entry about this event: mi's lj

// Tournament of Champions : Farm Party 11/17/2006 //

4 weeks for 4 costume parties. I dressed up for only 2 of them and I didn't go to the finale party. haha~ This party was fun though. everyone looked so cute. but there were very few animal costumes.. mostly farmers ^_^

// Halloween Party 10/2006 //

a lot of the instructors were missing this night b/c they were in New Orleans for Superama. But it was still fun. ^_^

Photos taken by: Kristina, me, whoever on my camera