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// Nampa, ID - 3.07 //

Using google's new Picasa. Here are some photos from when I last when to Idaho. The kids were on Spring break and we all had so much fun :D

// Graviets in SJ - 8.06 //

Mom posted a bunch of photos we took while the Graviets came to stay with us in SJ for a few days. So much fun!

// Nampa, ID - Spring 2006 //

More time with the kids in ID. It's always fun there. Pretty crazy with 5 little ones runnin around all wanting to do different things. But they do grow up fast ^_^ *sigh* Got a chance to see my Yokohama host family, the Wakabayashis. Mama was crying a little when she saw me. It's been ages since I saw them. Miu has grown up so much. She seemed to get along really well with her cousins. I got to practice some of my Japanese, as rusty as it was. Mom seemed impressed. Jiro Papa was attempting to speak a little English too. That was fun. Mucchan looks as adorable and youthful as ever. It was a bittersweet goodbye when we had to leave, but it was great to be able to see them again.

// Nampa, ID - 2005 //

A bit dated, but pictures are always fun, right?

// Family Portrait - 9.04 //

Here's a picture that Christine sent to mom in the mail. Everyone looks so good ^^

// spring in nampa - 3.04 //

spent a few days of spring break in idaho ^_^ as fun as ever hehe. so many kids >_< lindsay, hailey, andrew, danny, yuki, moe, mika, ellie, freddie jr, jack, and molly. here's a [ video ] of an interesting game. watch out for your pants! >_<

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