just a few lyrics. some songs that i like ^_^ i'll put up more as time goes on. I couldn't find these particular lyrics online of songs that i really like(d) at the time and therefore had to transcribe them myself. i just wanted to explain b/c someone said i should have more lyrics but if there's a bunch of other webpages posting the same stuff, i don't need to post it on mine. catch my drift? oh yeah, and if i make mistakes you can let me know. but be reminded, i'm only human, you know :P
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just recently (on New Years Eve while i was in japan) I saw Kouhaku Utagassen 2002 and so i decided to track down (haha and romanize on my own) the lyrics for the songs i loved from the show. there might also be stuff that's not from kouhaku, btw.
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// e lyrics //

Acceptance - Seeing is Believing
Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say
Bad Astronaut - Crestfallen
Bad Astronaut - Jessica's Suicide
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Fairview - Last Chance
Rufio - She Cries

// j lyrics //

BEGIN - Shimanchu nu Takara
BoA - No. 1
Gackt - 12 Gatsu no Love Song
Ishikawa Sayuri - Amagi Goe
Nakajima Miyuki - Chijou no Hoshi
Natsukawa Rimi - Nada Sou Sou