:[ name ]:

mishy, michi, miers, mi, shel, shnook(ie), babe, meeshar, mami

:[ school ]:

B.S. Business Administration from SJSU
concentration: MIS
minor: Japanese

:[ work ]:

Systems Admin I @ EXAR Corp

:[ likes ]:

my family, oliver, mini, fifi, ewok, mimi, reading, singing, doodling, photos, memories, ballroom dancing - salsa / chacha / rumba / swing / etc - , laughing, smiling, sleeping, my puter, music, baby v.o.x., lotion, nail polish / art / design / gems, pillows, blue, green, rain, cute / little / fuzzy things, anime, games, you, bad jokes, old navy, my friends rl/ol, dreams, being loved, CSI, glue sticks, stationary/stickers, my room, silly people/things, hugging/cuddling, hobees blueberry coffeecake, rice, japanese food, mom's cooking, ribbon, water, tarepanda, gerberas, lilies, gardenias, the Holiday season, coolwhip, piano, ikea, barnes & noble, fry's, sweatshirts, NWN, lip gloss, making things, arts / crafts, reading before i sleep, legos, mechanical pencils, hot cocoa, azumanga daioh, totoro, crossword puzzles, ranch dressing, Lord of the Rings, Shu Uemura, Stila, meeting new people, my DS

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