// Sara Peetz + Brian Parker's wedding - 9.7.03 //

This was a once in a lifetime event so I thought I'd put the pictures on its own page. The weather was perfect yesterday. The ceremony and reception were held at a small, charming inn/restaurant called Peachwoods. Sara looked more beautiful than ever and Brian looked so handsome. I'm so happy for these two. I've joked a couple of times that things haven't really changed b/c it was like they were already married for a while. hehe. Sara will forever be my "Peetz" hehe. The bridesmaids dresses were sooo cute! and of course the groomsmen looked great in tuxes. This was the first wedding I went to where someone I was close to (that wasn't related to me) got married. I think it reminded all the young, unmarried people at the wedding around my age that we're getting close to marriage age.. or that we're already there. kinda freaky. hehe. so many people attended the wedding that graduated from LGHS: Tracy Ou, Yanna Glotser, Julie & Suzanne Nguyen, Steve Biderman, Derrick Pang, Tim Lee, George Lee, George & Gretchen Haldin, Erica Fenik, Dave & Dan Hembry, Austin Hsia, Misha Young, Greg Parker, Jeanne & Tim Fishback.. there are probably others that I forgot. But yeah. what a fun day. Kinda makes me wanna get married o_O aaand at the same time not..

** PS: if anyone sees this page that has digital pics or scans from the wedding, please let me know :D i'd love to see them.. and possible steal them from you.. muwhAHHAHA... o_O

[ geo halldin's pics ]: the 5 pics below my set of pics are from geo's digicam. they're just a sampling. but you can check his page for the other pics he took :D

[ tim lee's pics ]: i posted a sampling of pics from tlee's digicam. good stuff. i linked his album which is all nicely set in a pretty wedding style ^_^

[ geo halldin's photos ]

[ tim lee's photos ]