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[Kan Mi Youn] - res: 1024x768 | size: 370k | type: 6th
danny said "she looks more sensual.." hell yeah baby.. grraar ^_- scanned photos from peko's beautifulvoices.net
thailand photobook
[Kim E Z] - res: 1024x768 | size: 163k | type: 6th
danny said "she looks different. she looks presentable..." i think she looks fery sexy and mature with short hair. scanned photos from peko's beautifulvoices.net
thailand photobook
[Lee Hee Jin] - res: 1024x768 | size: 304k | type: 6th
danny said "she looks a little slutty in the picture on the right..." and i'm thinking "does it matter? damn she's so fine.." scanned photos from peko's beautifulvoices.net
thailand photobook
[Shim Eun Jin] - res: 1024x768 | size: 352k | type: 6th
danny said "sexy." and i'm guessing he had his jaw to the floor when he said that. she's quite a hottie :P~~ scanned photos from peko's beautifulvoices.net
thailand photobook
[Yun Eun Hye] - res: 1024x768 | size: 381k | type: 6th
danny said "how come she looks so sexy? she's supposed to be cute. not sexy. but she's sexy." i see sexy as being a good thing o_O scanned photos from peko's beautifulvoices.net
thailand photobook
[Kan Mi Youn] - res: 1024x768 | size: 331k | type: 6th
i love this picture of mi youn. she looks so sweet and gentle *sigh* actually i was reminded to do another mi youn wp (b/c i was thinking of doing it before but i got lazy i think) by someone that found my website and really liked the babyvox wps ^_^ it's not perfect but it still looks good, i think. my dad bought the photobook for me when he was in korea but my scanner doesn't work.. so i borrowed the scanned photos from peko's beautifulvoices.net superduper babyvox website.
thailand photobook
[BabyVOX] - res: 1024x768 | size: 95.2k | type: 6th
the girls are as lovely as ever :) their style here is from their devotion album.. from the song "devotion" actually. i loved that song even before i saw the MV. the pinkish color is kind of inspired (i guess) by may's webpage. and the pictures are clips from a tv show appearance. i like it. i like simple nowadays. complicated can be bad. >_< rock on, babyvox.
pink devotion
[BabyVOX] - res: 1024x768 | size: 441k | type: 6th
one of their more recent photos. i kinda half-assed this one. hehe. but it turned out alright i think. i'm so glad people like my wallpapers :D hehe. i got their devotion album from yesasia.com and it came with a poster and the cd has their signatures on it! hehe. but i think they ran out of those. i still love them :D
babyvox in thailand
[Kim E Z] - res: 1024x768 | size: 322k | type: 5th
I finally made a wallpaper of E Z. it's about time, huh? I don't have that many decent pictures of her (quality-wise and sometimes i just don't like her facial expressions) but she looks pretty in the green dress. I'm not completely happy with the end result so I might have to do a different one.
kim ez green
[BabyVOX] - res: 1024x768 | size: 113k | type: 5.5
super funky look, eh? weird but they still manage to just look so .. good :D this isn't something that just anybody could get away with it. and babyvox, i think, barely does. but they manage it :D kehehe ^_^
bohemian funky
[Shim Eun Jin] - res: 1024x768 | size: 113k | type: 5.5
she's so hot :D hehe. i think eun jin is super sexay. danny's favorite babyvox girl. hehe. i love this wp. you love this wp. yes you do. i know you do. yeah. :D she looks so kick-ass with long hair huh? yeeeah :D
eun jin - oo yun
[BabyVOX] - res: 1024x768 | size: 66.5k | type: 5th
i didn't know where i was going with this wallpaper this time. .. this time? i dunno, it seems to happen too much maybe. so yeah. simple. the girls all look good. especially my favorite :DD eunhyeeeeeee ^_^ hehe. i liked their black and white photos. very .. jerkin. hahahah i watched Josie and the Pussycats last nite with bobby. can't you tell?.. wth. jerkin? o_O;;
babyvox - 5th
[BabyVOX] - res: 1024x768 | size: 120k | type: 5.5
aren't they so hot? ^_- i totally dig eun jin's long hair. even if they are extensions. i wish the quality of the images were better. :/ but you make do with what you got, right? *sigh* if anyone has nice high qual images of babyvox. let me know!! send 'em my way!! :DDD i think i need to thank peko for sharing so many good babyvox pictures on her website. okay so this wp was a little half-assed. whatever. i just like to look at them :D
babyvox - 6th
[Yun Eun Hye] - res: 1024x768 | size: 225k | type: 5th
omg. i love her. she's so friggin cute. ta be ta i .. ^_^ i actually have my hair like hers sorta today. it's a little wavy ^_- hhehe. i can't be THAT cute tho. -_- not possible. and slowly, erin and i are turning the world into babyvox lovers. :D hehe. one by one! naoto, grayson, and soon, jay will want to listen to them. :D muwahHAHA.
eunhye - 5th
[Kan Mi Youn] - res: 1024x768 | size: 249k | type: 4th
here's kan mi youn. oi. i dunno i had a hard time finding photos of her that i really liked. but i saw the one of her in the blue dress and i almost fainted. she looks so pretty >_< style's not what i usually do, but s'ok :D i'm using it right now as my desktop wallpaper.
miyoun - 4th
[Lee Hee Jin] - res: 1024x768 | size: 304k | type: all
finally.. definitely happy with this wp unlike the one i made before. isn't she so pretty? >_< gEH. i wanna be a pop star. hehehe. anyway. i basically made this wp b/c someone stumbled across my webpage (wierd huh?) and complimented me on my wps. :O yeah.. chOU SHoku :X and he asked for another hee jin one. so i made it. and surprisingly, i love it >_< yAY.
[Shim Eun Jin] - res: 1024x768 | size: 359k | type: 5th
isn't she pretty? hehe. i dont think she gets enough attention in the group. it's always about Kim EZ or HeeJin. i made this wallpaper at the request of a friend. but i like the way it turned out ^_^ it is a LITTLE too pink for my taste. but it's still nifty.
eunjin-boyish story
[BabyVOX] - res: 1024x768 | size: 295k | type: 5th
oooi so i made one of the whole group the first group wallpaper i've ever made. i guess it's easier than working with a bunch of pictures of 1 person. heheh. of course i used blue (my favorite color!) and some pictures i got from ailyna's eye teasers website and an image i got off the net somewhere that was originally a calendar image.
babyvox-boyish story
[Lee Hee Jin] - res: 1024x768 | size: 241k | type: 5th
o/` i'm gonna let you go.. i really wish i knew what they were saying all the time. >_< i wasn't completely happy with this wallpaper. i think i was pushing to make a wp that i wasn't inspired to make. ::sigh:: i want better pictures! someone find good, usable (sp?) pictures of the vox girls ;_; ah well. she's still "hot" as mike says ^_- she's definitely a cutie
heejin-game over
[Yun Eun Hye] - res: 1024x768 | size: 299k | type: all
she's my favorite girl from Baby VOX. i think it's b/c she looks like a doll. and everyone else likes Hee Jin and Kim EZ, and they're pretty but i dunno. i dig cute. ^_^ ::makes big puppy dog eyes like Eun Hye:: but i'll do one for each of the VOX girls i think. hehe.