Hello~ feel free to use my wallpapers. But please don't link them directly from this server - host them on your own. Thanks!

[Lee Jin] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 334k | phase: newish
this one was made at the request of knov1- webmaster of leejinshrine.com ^_^ i actually like this one.. i may have to do this type of scrapbook theme with babyvox wallpapers :D
lee jin
[Lee Jin] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 352k | phase: old + new
i'm not terribly pleased with this wp but it's alright :D the main image is from the memories & melodies album. i think she looks really pretty in that photo.
lee jin
[Ock Ju Hyun] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 356k | phase: old -> new
i didn't know where to go with this one. i just really liked the main image. the black and white one. ^_^ i don't know why people don't like her so much. i like her ^_^ she might be my favorite of the group just because she's sassy ^_-.
ock ju hyun