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[WooHyuk] - size:1024x768 | filesize: 166k | phase: outside castle
IYAH again!! :D~~ holy HOTness, batman. i sooo dig this phase and this boy. he's so soft spoken. he doesn't stand out too much. i mean... of course i love all of HOT.. but this one makes my heart flutter for some reason ^_- he just seems so sweet. even tho he sometimes has that badboy ghetto image. well, for all i know, he could be a complete @hole. no! never! ::cuddles:: ;_;
[KangTa] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 169k | phase: most recent (i think >_<)
okay so you can't see all of him. but this picture looked so artistic. his silhouette against some urban backdrop. and glasses ^_- he looks so sophisticated and smart hehehe. i can't seem to get away from this korean pop idol thing, can i? ya know.. i seriously think i would die.. if i met or even saw any of the HOT boys. ::heart stops:: ::collapses on the ground in a heap:: x_x
[JaeWon] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 245k | phase: (around) outside castle
geez. while the rest of the group has just 1 type of hair style, jaewon goes through 4 >.< i chose this style for 2 reasons: 1) not too much makeup so he looks like a girl but not so little that he looks all sedated, and 2) i had the most pictures of him in this phase ^_^ it's a good look and he looks cute in these pictures
[TonyAn] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 247k | phase: outside castle
waaah! tony's so cute >.< i really want to bite the back of his neck. i dunno why. i love this phase. i didn't really dig the long hair and stuff. this spiky look is adorable. did you notice they all have nice hands? tony's are manly ^_-
[WooHyuk] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 275k | phase: outside castle
IYAH!! woohyuk looks sooo good in this phase i think. at first i thought he looked like sporty spice a little b/c of the hair. but he totally grew on me and i love him now. he's so cute. and he can dance like a crazy mofo - brownie points right there.
[HeeJun] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 270k | phase: outside castle
funny guy.. he always makes me laugh >.< but the wallpaper isn't that great. the quality, that is. so i might have to redo it. but his hair is an awesome red color. i wanted to do wallpaper for every member of h.o.t. in the outside castle phase because i think they looked the best around this time.