Hello~ feel free to use my wallpapers. But please don't link them directly from this server - host them on your own. Thanks!

[tarepanda] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 178k |
squishy tarepanda. i have one in the the back of my car. he's so floppy and cute :D he rolls over and over to move from place to place ^_^
[nakayoshi.net] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 124k |
more cute stuff from san-x :D nakayoshi.net.. don't know much about it. except that it's cute. i have a nakayoshi.net hand bag thingy too ^_^
[kogepan] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 145k |
poor burnt bread from hokkaido. :/ he's so adorably sad. this wp isn't spectacular. but that's okay :D he's still cute.