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[Shirou Kamui] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 146k
holy hotness :D heh. shirou kamui. the main character from X. leader of the "ten no ryuu" group. i'm bad with words at the moment. yeah. n stuff. his tarot card is "the magician".
Shirou Kamui
[Kishuu Arashi & Arisugawa Sorata] - size: 1024x768 | filesize: 231k
i really like this couple. and this picture. the red color is very.. dramatic. these two are members of the "ten no ryuu" meaning "dragons of the sky". i'd write it for you in kanji but i don't know how to put kanji on a web page >_<.hm what else can i say. they're both very young. and sorata once said "i want the girl i die for to be hot ^_-" isn't that sweet
Kishuu Arashi & Arisugawa Sorata