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// SF - Point Bonita - 2.26.05 //

My first trip to Point Bonita. Tony wanted to take me there. It's so pretty there. The weather was pretty mild that day. I was surprised at the kinds of flowers that grew around there. Purdy!! That hill is quite a climb. Even Tony was tired. Hahaha. We were thinking of going to the Exploratorium, but we ran out of time. So we went to Ghiradelli (sp?) Square and had a lunch at a 50s themed diner called Lori's. good burgers! Then we had desert at the Ghiradelli ice cream shop. Yummy.

// Tet - 2.12.05 //

After going with some friends to Tet (like last year), we all went back to my house for some drinks and snacks. Tony, Carlos (C1), Damian, Tina, Gina, Teresa, Lieh, Harrison, and Carl.

// Jomar's Graduation Party - 12.18.04 //

YES! People DO actually graduate from SJSU ^_- Jomar and his family hosted a party for his graduation. We all got gussied up and had a good time. It was held at the Hilton in downtown SJ. But now I miss Jomar! I guess I'll have to go visit him at the Grill on the Alley more often.

// the city - 8.04 //

Tony and I had a busy day. First we met up with Michelle for lunch. She's a friend of Tony's that works at Viva 105.7. Next, we made it to the San Francisco Zoo and spent a few hours there. Then we went to Kitaro on Geary Blvd for an early dinner. On the way home, we stopped by Kathy (sp?) and Enrique's house so I could meet them. (also friends of Tony) They had chihuahua puppies! 2 weeks old and 7 months old. they were all so cute. Wish I had pictures of them.

// the city - 8.04 //

pictures from the day that Tony and I went to SF. First, we made a quick stop at Treasure Island b/c I've never stopped there before. then we went to Pier 39 which is where we took the majority of the pictures. Then we went to the Asian Museum of Art in SF and saw the Geisha gallery collection. Then we went home ^^ doesn't that huge lazy seal look like a huge lazy oliver that swims? o_O

// in santa cruz - 6.13.04 //

I never really like to organize events b/c I worry that people wont have fun… but looks like this event turned out pretty well ^^ teresa, sylvan, lieh, yutaka, harrison, jay, erin, me, tony, and carlos all went to the beach at the boardwalk. I got a sunburn on the back of my legs. tony pushed lieh in the ocean. the boys played football on the beach. much fun was had by all. ^^ wonder what our next outting is. camping? ice skating?

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