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// alice's hangout - 04.04.03 //

I'm calling it alice's hangout b/c there were tons of alice's friends there. first we met at sjsu for bowling. I didn't bowl.. well b/c frankly, I'm not a bowler. hahah. not my forte. not my thing. but I spent lots of time talking with cindy. there were a few "hookups" before the bowling was done with. ^_- aki and jeremy, t and alan. then yusuke said he thought kaori was really pretty. so when we went to denny's afterwards, t made yusuke and kaori sit next to eachother. hehehe. then some of us went back to kaori's place and others went home or to a bar. so I'll just name everyone that was there (going around the denny's table clockwise starting from me) ben, jay, cindy, kaori, yusuke, noriko, omar, ray, alice, yoko, ryu, aki, yoshio, and t. there were other people at the bowling alley too: jeremy, jordan, alan (sounds like a boyband huh?), linda and her friends, and naho. here's a link to the [pictures] that alice took.

// mi's birthday - 03.30.03 //

I let t make the arrangements for this event. b/c I'm a lazyass. but here are some pictures. there was a little bit of alcohol. lots of chips. then we all went to the park down the street at the elementary school and played hopscotch and swung on the swings. oh the joys of being a kid. ^_^

// Girl's Night Out - 03.15.03 //

met at macy's at valley fair. then went to sephora. then to cheese cake factory where we hadn't but seemed like we had been drinking.. too much laughing and squealing >_< ahhaha. ate good food. ate good cheesecake :D then we walked with kaori to her car..and there was a flat tire.. so we ran over to the other cars in another parking lot (b/c we didn't want to get towed) and alice went home (she drove half way to sf on accident) and t, kaori, and i changed kaori's tire. all by ourselves! then we modeled on the car.. hahaha. stop laughing at us. >_<

// Girl's Night Out - 02.08.03 //

i'm sick now and i was sick when we went out. but i think being out made me feel better and yet worse at the same time. the first picture is my mom in her ao dai (traditional vietnamese dress) pretty huh? and the others are me, t and sharon. we went to california cafe (dim lights for ambiance. hence the dark photos) for dinner and then walked through downtown LG for like.. 15 minutes. then drove to my aunt's house where my mom was and we all danced 'til ~12 then i took the girls home. fun stuff :) fran couldn't come b/c she has church on sat nites. :( but otherwise it was fun :D after sharon sends me the pictures she took with her camera, i'll post those too.

// Sony Clié's digital cam at Fry's - 01.30.03 //

looks like fun, huh? that thing was so neat. i want one. except that it's like.. $700 or something crazy like that. after bobby saved the pictures on his memory stick we set one of the pictures as the desktop bg for the sony vaio laptop on display. golly, kids and their pranks...^_-

// purikura w/ erin (and 1 digital photo from e's digicam) - 01.08.03 //

i should just buy my own purikura machine. wouldn't that be fun? :D the digital picture was taken in a restroom in chinatown in yokohama >_< and the purikura were taken around the yokohama Landmark Plaza and Chinatown. ^_^ the larger photos were scans by erin and the rest i just took pictures of with my digicam ^_^

// hangout at mi's - 11.23.02 //

girls will be girls, don't you think? started out with me and sharon. we watched some kpop vids then decided that we had to learn to dance like they do >_< then frances came and blew us away with her super model makover! then she had to leave so sharon and i went to get my hair cut. i needed moral support >_< then after we got home, t came over and we all sang karaoke together and danced a little. had plenty of funs ^_^

// hangout at mi's - 10.12.02 //

just hanging out with friends. had bobby meet t, fran, and sharon.. and vice versa. lots of fun with games like cranium, outburst, and try to keep t from falling down on the hardwood floor. t had more to drink than anyone. 2 beers and some arbor mist. the large animated thumbnail is a link for a set of clips of t at the dinner table after drinking. ^_^ enjoy. as a warning, the video is ~ 28megs. so it'll take a while.

// pho day - 09.04.02 //

a little get together for erin before she goes to japan ^_^ just hang out and stuff. event was catered by my mom who makes the most awesome pho ever. attendees were.. erin, me, fran, jay, and t. and erin and t helped make the tiramisu we had for dessert ^_^

// fran's bday hangout - 06.28.02 //

a little get-together for frances' birthday. we went to get bubble tea and everyone ate chicken. except for me. and i had really tasty watermelon milk tea. mm.. :D it was just 5 of us, but it was still fun. Erin, T, Fran, her brother Vincent, and me.

// good friends //

bobby, art, harry, t, stephen, and others to come ^_-

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