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// Hukilau - 06.14.03 //

I went shopping with frances on Wednesday of this week and we met a really nice, super pretty gal at the food court named Leesa. She told us about a hawaiian style band that was going to perform at Hukilau restaurant in SJ Japantown. I really wanted to go so I gathered a bunch of friends and everyone came! hehe. we had dinner there and then watched the band Aloha Brewed perform. they were awesome. the music was all mellow and the room was full of good vibes. they played new stuff, old stuff, and original stuff. I saw Leesa there just before the 2nd set and she introduced me to her fiancé and her best friend. I really love the hawaiian sense of family and community. They're all super friendly. Kaori, Fred, T, Sylvan, Jeremy, Annabelle, and Jordan left after the 1st set, but Cindy, Linda, and I all stayed 'til the end of the performance. It was totally worth it.

// girl's night at cindy's house - 05.31.03 //

woohoo. quite an evening. booze and hot girls. what could possibly go wrong? ^_- ooooh boy. don't get me started ^_- the first set is from lieh's cam. and the 2nd is from mine. the last 2 thumbnails are for videos. t's gonna kill me >_<


// vegas road trip - 05.23-26.03 //

wow. 2 weekends in a row. too bad it can't be like that all the time -_- oh well. it was good. I drove with tina, tom, sarah, & katie down to vegas on the 23rd . since we left in the evening, we stayed overnight in a hotel in bakersfield. we arrived in vegas ~3pm on Saturday. I spent a lot of time with danny which was nice. tina and tom let me do basically whatever. so nice of them :D heh. we stayed with tina's mom in henderson. I met bryce and jason. nice guys. and I met danny's mom. *admits it was scary* haha. so anyway. pictures are mostly from the venetian. the first picture of windmills was on the drive down there. between bakersfield and barstow I think. but not sure what town. then the picture of tina and sarah was at the flamingo. the 3rd and 4th from last pictures are during the drive home. 2nd to last is a sticker picture from the flamingo hotel. last is my phone... the star keychain with the clover is from Morning Glory.

// danny's visit - 05.16-18.03 //

danny drove up from vegas just to see me :D isn't that sweet? poor thing drove for so long. but it was so much fun this weekend. saw matrix reloaded. phfft. showed him my old hs. watched me myself & irene. hung out. went out to dinner at pedros. lunch at ariake. snack at mcd's. he fixed my cpu fan. so much :D he met T, sharon, kaori, and tina's so sweet for letting him stay at her house. so he met tina, tom, mom, katie, and sarah too :D I miss him lots. but it's okay. I'll see him again soon I hope :D at least at AX. he's even sweeter and more wonderful than I remember, if that makes sense. *chu* honey :D

// lieh's birthday party - 04.11.03 //

what a night! 9 of us (matt, t, lieh, j, ben, frances, cindy, kaori and i) all met at kaori's place first for makeup/changing/hair/etc. then we went to the Agenda to have dinner. yummy foods :D and then creme brulée for dessert! at ~10:30 the main floor turned into a club. they just move the tables to the edge of the room and scoot the chairs to a corner. so all 3 floors of the agenda were playing different types of music. had lots of fun. danced for hours. did i ever tell you how hot my girls are?? ^_-

// dtran's visit - 04.11.03 //

dan flew in that morning and borrowed his friend's car to drive down from berkeley to visit me. isn't that sweet :D we only got to hangout for ~2 hrs and we didn't do much but it was still nice to hang out ^_^

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