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// a typical day in the SU - 10.23.03 //

erin, lieh, t, gina, maria, and yutaka. golly, we're crazy kids aren't we ^_- haha. lieh slept with her head in my lap. gina and maria were their sexy selves. yutaka explained "owarinaki tabi". t and lieh both had serious conversations with me. erin had to go to work :/ but I got to spend some quality time with her. just another typical day in the Student Union. heh.

// dinner with cindy - 9.29.03 //

cindy's leaving Wednesday for 6 months! lucky girl gets to go to japan. we'll miss her tho ;_; so here are the pictures. we went to sushi maru first in japantown. then we just hung out after dinner.. outside… in the cold! hehe. but it was fun. boy, I have some super photogenic friends, huh? ^_-

// danny's visit - 08.30-31.03 //

since danny doesn't get to visit often, we got impulsive and bought a plane ticket and he flew here to stay with me for a night and a day. it was fun. but too bad it was so short. but I don't take for granted any time I get with him. notice that just about all these pictures are of us.. what were you expecting? o_O

// hair day - 08.19.03 //

erin first dyed her hair dark then I put chunky blond streaks in her hair ^_^ hahahha. that took forever.. seriously. and she made me ramen. with mayo o_O it was good tho! then I let her do my hair. hooray ^_^ she's so good.

// matt, anthony, and me - 08.15.03 //

I got to spend a little bit of time with anthony before he went back to toronto. that was nice ^_^ he said he'll come back soon so I look forward to that. aaaand... here's a video of matt being a kung fu pimp... haha. yeah that's me laughing in the background >_<

// T's 23rd bday at the cheesecake factory - 08.08.03 //

Kaori, Frances, Erin, Linda, me and of course T-baby ^_^ she turned 23 on the 7th. happy birthday beautiful girl :D *gropes you while shopping at GAP*

// bus93 group - 08.07.03 //

Carrie Ho, Deepa Rayadurg, and Dave Segreto from my bus93 group. they're super cool people. we totally got along which was good and worked hard and played at the same time. Prof. Burkhard complimented us on our group interaction. kick ass ^_- and we got 96/100 on our project. everyone did well. but I'm so proud anyway ^_-

// kaori's place - 07.01.03 //

just girls doing the girl thing. eating. talking. taking pictures. who doesn't wanna look like a pop star?! ^_- the last photo is our imitation of this babyvox pose.

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