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// valentine's day & post vday in santa cruz - 2.14-15.04 //

danny flew in from LV to spend Valentine's Day with me. isn't that sweet? hehe. he took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner then we went and played minigolf (I beat him by 3 strokes. I think I got lucky ^_-). the first 2 pics are of danny resting in my bed with oliver handsome guy. the next 7 photos were taken in santa cruz at the beach boardwalk. I'm glad we went. it was fun :D… mmm.. funnel cake! oh! the blue teeth.. uhh. we played skee-ball and won 9 tickets so we got 2 plastic sets of ugly teeth and 5 metal rings (bling bling! and 1 went to sarah). the poohead picture was taken inside a small korean store inside a korean grocery store. danny bought me earrings and I bought air freshener for my car. the next 2 were inside my car while we were waiting for everyone to meet for dinner at Palace BBQ Buffet before danny had to go back to LV. the last 3 are from the airport. what silly kids we are. what a wonderful weekend. thanks danny *chu*!

// studio pictures - 01.26.04 //

lieh, tina, gina, and leilani went to take studio pictures. they're so cute :D such pretty ladies ^_-

// tet festival: fairgrounds - 01.24.04 //

me, lieh, t, gina, tina, jay, yutaka, harrison, gary, and carl went to the vietnamese new year festival on sat night. it wasnt all that eventful. jay won a shooting game. tina almost lost her phone. >_< but it was just fun to hang out with everyone. then we went bowling. well we all went but only a few of us bowled. hehee. fun night :D

// in & out - 01.08.04 //

me, lieh, t, gina, tina, jay, yutaka, jordan, linda, and kaori met at in & out at mercado before going to a club/bar. After much walking and driving and confusion, we ended up at tres amigos in downtown sj.

// craft exchange with may - 01.15.04 //

may and i decided to do an exchange. she can't crochet and i can't knit... but she can knit and i can crochet. so she made me the hat :D i love it! and i made her the scarf.. maybe i should make a better one >_< eheheh

// dinner at michelle's - 11.16.03 //

erin, lieh, t, gina, tina, jay, and yutaka all came over to my house to have dinner and meet my parents. hahaha. dun dun dun~ but it was fun. and we took lots of funny pictures. silly girls. for dinner we ate.. lots of meat. hahaha. I'm kinda hungry now tho. I only ate a little…hehe. thanks parents for arranging things :D

// dress picking at tina's house - 11.1.03 //

yutaka, t, and I went to tina's house to pick out a dress that t could borrow for sylvan's brother's wedding. after lots of changing, I have no pictures of t in any dresses. hahaha. but yutaka pointed out that all 3 of us were wearing red shirts, so I decided I wanted a picture of it ^_^.

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